Received my reward box and I love it, it’s so beautifully made & can’t wait to start using it with my daughter. Thank you so much. Would recommend to anyone
— Layla
Pirate Reward Box
The Fairy Reward Box
My kids love their Reward Boxes and in the last two months have managed to improve eating meals and sleeping in own bed all for a star in their own little pirate box . I would recommend to anyone to buy
— Tina
I think these are Genius. Children will love receiving them too
— Rascal's of London
This little reward box is the best thing I’ve ever bought for my 5 year old daughter. Really encourages good behaviour and is adorable
— NOTHS Fairy Reward Box customer
This sounds like a great idea!! I think it is very important to teach our kids to get rewards after finishing a task
— A Moment With Franca
What an absolutely brilliant idea. I want one for me! I can see how that really does the trick for rewards. I’d be peeping all the time.
— Nicky from 'Not Just The Three of Us'
The Reward Box is really well made, beautifully decorated and sturdy, it would make a beautiful gift for any occasion.
— Donna W

Blogger Review





A Mum Reviews

A lovely review of The Reward Box for potty training. Thanks A Mum Reviews :)

"It’s such a unique product and I love that it can be used in so many different ways for children of different ages"








Under The Christmas Tree

"Firstly I really must congratulate for the thought that has been put into their packaging. The sturdy box is made from firm cardboard but one look at the detailing on the box will have you ready to make a purchase"

"I think the Reward Box is just amazing and in my opinion it would make a wonderful gift for any little girl or boy, especially as Christmas approaches this would be ideal to try and keep the little ones calmer during Christmas Eve!"

The Fairy Reward Box by Life With Pink Princesses







Life With Pink Princesses

We are thrilled to have been featured by @LifeWithPinkPrincesses on her fabulous blog.  She has been trying the Reward Box out with her 3 year old who is going through the tricky pre-school phase and we are very pleased to report it is working!

"P2s behaviour has already improved after using the Fairy Reward box for just a few days. It feels like she has a goal now.", "It may seem a little expensive for a reward system but the quality of the box is so superb that I do honestly think it’s worth it. The excitement that P2 has over this box would make every penny worth it and of course better behaviour is the key"  to find out more about her experience and her ideas for using the box, visit her blog here






We think The Reward Box makes the perfect Christening / Newborn gift as it looks stunning in a nursery / child's bedroom and will grow with them.  We asked the lovely EllieBabiBear to put it through its paces for us with us with her beautiful toddler 'Mini'....

"I knew Mini would love how much more interactive this little box is rather than a flat sticker chart and I was right.  She was super excited to get this and it has taken pride of place on her dresser"

The Reward Box can be used for so much more than just rewards, "we have used it for imaginative play, so far it has been a shop till, a post box and everything in-between.  MIni has had so much fun with it already"

Read the rest of the review here...




We are thrilled to have had The Reward Box reviewed by the ultra stylish MamasVIB.  "But, what makes this a fun take on the traditional style sticker reward charts is the fact that toddlers and small children can post their own rewards in the money box style slot - and then overnight the stars are replaced with a small treat by 'fairy or pirate elfs'  - which kids can access themselves adding a magical element for little ones".  To read her full review please visit her blog here




The Brick Castle

Having long been a fan of sticker charts we were thrilled to find that @TheBrickHouse were even bigger fans of our Reward Box

"I'm stunned how much my lad likes it. He's really proud of it"

 "My son was absolutely delighted with his Reward Box, which was a great start and really better than I could have hoped. I hadn't realised just how happy he is whenever he gets a star, he genuinely was ecstatic at having his own actual box and stars".

 To read the full review visit The Brick House blog here.







The very lovely little Miss T is our latest Reward Box fan,   "The box itself is wood, not at all flimsy and really well made, it’s obviously had a lot of care and attention taken into consideration with design, the look of it and shape being immediately appealing. Rose couldn’t wait to investigate and post the silver wooden stars through the slot in the top. She spent a really long time just looking at it and figuring it out whilst I explained to her that we would personalise it with the stickers we were sent and that it was to be her special box for when she’s a good girl.

MrsT  was also very impressed with the packaging for a gift "My first thought was what a beautiful and unique gift this would be and suitable for a wide age range too"

To hear what else she though of it please visit her blog here






Mummy's Zone

The Pirate Reward Box has a new fan!  Oscar and his Mummy (Mummy's Zone) have been using it instead of their standard sticker chart and they can confirm it really works!

"Last month we were kindly sent a Pirate Reward Box for Oscar and it has gone down a treat. Up until then I was printing off free charts every week that never got completed and there was no real rewards at the end as they often got forgot about. When the Pirate Reward Box arrived this completely changed!"

"It really does make good behaviour fun"

To read the whole review, please visit Mummy Zone's blog



Where Roots and Wings Entwine Bog Review of Reward Box







Where Roots and Wings Entwine 

The lovely 'Where Roots and Wings Entwine' is the latest of our bloggers to review The Pirate Reward Box with her gorgeous son 'Bug'.

"The Reward Box is a beautifully crafted box made to an exceptionally high quality from wood.  I am very impressed with the quality of the box. From the solid wood to the quality hinge and lock to the sparkly wooden stars, everything about The Reward Box screams high quality and durability"

"I love that not only can Bug use it for his reward stars but if he wanted to he could also use it to stash his treasures and keepsakes."

It looks like we have a new fan :) to read the rest of the review please visit 'Where Roots and Wings Entwine' here



This is Life

This is life reviewed The Fairy Reward Box with her eight year old daughter Abby....

"When I mentioned to Abby that she can earn a star token every time she finished a book chapter, instead of the usual reaction, she happily said okay without complaints! I think it helped that the box and stars are so pretty, and the box is personalised by herself. It must be special to her because it's now sitting on the most obvious spot on her desk"

To read the rest of her review please visit her blog here





Suburban Mum The Reward Box Review

Surburban Mum - Blogger Review

The Suburban Mum has been putting our Pirate Reward Box through its paces with her gorgeous boys.  We are thrilled to report that it has been a huge hit and that both the boys love using it and having their good behaviour recognised.

"The Reward Box is currently working really well with the boys as a team effort to collect as many stars as they can and they both get very excited when their good behaviour has been rewarded with a star. The Reward Box is sitting in pride of place on top of our sideboard in our dining room where the boys can see it. E loves to open up the chest every now and then to count how many stars are already in the chest and working out how many more he needs to be able to go to Germany."

"I really like this take on a reward chart because you can easily re-use it time and time again for different treats."

To read Suburban Mum's whole review, please visit her blog here 


What The Red Head Said - Blogger Review

What The Red Head Said Blogger Review Fairy Reward Box

The Reward Box has just received its very first blogger review courtesy of the lovely What The Red Head Said and we are thrilled to say that her and her little girl loved it!

"The Reward Box is really well made, beautifully decorated and sturdy"

They have been using it for potty training and it has been a great success.....

"Sticker charts do work but The Reward Box seemed so much more tangible and something LP was drawn to as soon as it arrived"

To read the rest of her review please visit her blog here

What The Red Head Said Blogger Review


Mummy To My Cheeky Little Monkey


"Cheeky Monkey" James and his Mummy are out latest The Pirate Reward Box fans and we are thrilled to hear it has made a positive impact on his behaviour.

"Our first impressions of the box are totally positive!"

"James seemed to get the hang of the system pretty quick, for example, he got a star before school if he ate his breakfast and got dressed with no fuss. He got one after school if his behaviour at school had been good. He got one at bed time if he ate his tea and got ready for bed. Extra stars will be awarded if he does something brilliant. For example he got an extra star for getting 99% attendance at school last term and he got a star for letting mummy clean his dirty ears with no fuss! He has also been getting an extra star for leaving mummy in the cloakroom at school and going to the classroom on his own with no tears! I am very proud of him for doing this one as we have been working towards this for a few weeks already and had no success till we got the reward box."

To read her full review please visit Mummy To My Cheeky Little Monkey


KJ Photographic

Thank you to KJPhotographic for featuring us as one of her Top Picks from Spirt of Christmas:

"I loved this reward box and I bought one for my daughter (3yrs) and even though she has only used it for a few hours she finished her dinner, went to the toilet when asked and put on her PJ’s without a fuss just so she could put a star in the box for each. Long may it continue!"