Meet our Friends; other Brands we love...

We are delighted to introduce some other small businesses who we have been collaborating with recently on NotOnTheHIghStreet and other sites.  Like us they believe in unique products for children which look great but are lots of fun too.  Their products (like ours) are all designed by parents.

For full details and to purchase, please contact them via their websites:

Magic Door Store


The Magic Door Store

The Magic Door Store: stylish, miniature doors that create a magical entrance for your fairies and elves to visit your home.

All that the fairies & elves require is somewhere quiet & secret so that they can come & go as they please, sprinkling love & magic once everyone is asleep.    

Just imagine the excitement of exchanging little gifts & messages with your fairy & elf friends & discovering tiny magic dust footprints on the floor.

My Fairy Door & My Elf Door are beautifully packaged & are available with a range of wonderful extras to accessorise your Magic Door. 

To find out more about The Magic Door Store, please their webpage at:




Fabulous Finds For Families - get your family eating well with these fun and original ideas including the Yumbox lunchbox, BoBo and Boo Bamboo Dinnerware, Lunchpunch and lots more.




Lala & Bea

Inspired by fun pattern, colour and adventure.  LaLa and Bea create products which Children will want to wear and Parents can love too