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Our shop is built on the principle of unique children's products, designed by parents and crafted from top quality materials.

We are the sole importer into the UK for a line of unique, high quality, educational children’s art / wall hangings.

All of our wall hangings are handcrafted in Thailand by women who are using their craft to support their families. 

We were also responsible for creating the concept and design of our Reward Boxes

A number of our products are also stocked by other on-line retailers (including notonthehighstreet.com and The Great British).  If you are a retailer who is interested in selling our products, please contact us below. 

The Owner

'Mumpreneur'  Sarah Kerr launched her company Bouncy Jam Ltd in 2014.  At the time her children (a boy and a girl) were three and two and she wanted to build a business that would allow her to be a full time Mum to her little ones.  Armed with a number of ideas for products she wished she could buy (but either weren't available in the UK or simply didn't exist) she launched www.cheekyelephant.co.uk and www.eatwell-uk.co.uk (selling Yumbox (the leak-proof lunchbox), Lunch Punch (making sandwiches fun), and lots of other fabulous products.

The Reward Box is the first of her own products to be developed.  It is a concept Sarah has used with her children since they were very little (using a simple wooden box) and one that has proven to be successful time after time in managing everyday behaviour through to helping with potty training and bedtime.  Seeing this idea develop into The Reward Box has been a tremendously exciting journey and one she is currently repeating with another of her ideas (Nutri Fill-It).

If you would like to know more about Sarah Kerr and her entrepreneurial journey please visit Mums of Wandsworth by clicking here

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If you wish to speak with us directly, please fill in the form below, call us on 07903 559762 or email sarah@therewardbox.co.uk

Sarah Kerr and her baby daughter

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